since 2016


starts in February, 2016.
Inna and Oleg Yarowy opened the first dobro&dobro café in Warsaw.
At the same time, the café was included in the Book of Records as the smallest in Poland. 6m2 of space and inversely proportional to this power of passion and commitment.
We did not have to wait long for the effects.


dobro&dobro cafe is a chain of cafés throughout Poland. Now you can find us in Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Gdańsk and Kalisz. We are looking for chance to open the first café outside Poland - in Prague, Czech Republic.
We are currently working for a new start - about 100 cafés across Europe.
Discussions are also progressing on investments overseas.

dobro everywhere


The café is not only coffee.

It is something more - a meeting space, a unique atmosphere, and the buzz of conversations. It is good that we want to share.

We want to meet the needs of all customers. That is why we are flexible and when preparing coffee, we take into account the individual preferences of our guests.


We love to keep our guests happy - regardless of the time of day. Start the day with us and come to breakfast, come over for lunch, or come over for dinner after work.

You do not have time? We will prepare a quick takeaway lunch for You!



dobro&dobro - consists of as many as 20 original coffee recipes - inspired by people, their taste and unique tastes. However, we know that each recipe can be improved even more - because for everyone the perfect coffee means something different. We strive to ensure that all our guests can taste this perfect taste.

dobro: place

For us, cafés are not only coffeeThey are primarily places for meetings and events. Concerts, interactive events in English, literary evenings, photo exhibitions - all this takes place in Dobro&Dobro cafés. Come to us for a handful of inspiration!

In addition to the café chain, dobro&dobro cafe develops self-catering dobro: cateringdobro gift service: box, running company accounting for entrepreneurs dobro: huband a training center for baristas dobro: school.

Starting in 2019, You can meet several mobile cafés in Warsaw dobro: coffee bus.

Moreover from 2021, the opening in Warsaw is planned in the Office buildings.

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