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For usa cafe is not only a coffee!

First of all, for us, this is an opportunity to create for people

space for meetings and events.

A place where we share our goods - high-quality coffee.

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Dobro everywhere since 2016

The dobro&dobro cafe started its operations in February 2016 with the smallest cafe in Poland, with an area of only 6m2, which was included in the Book of Records.

Today dobro&dobro cafe:

- that's 14 cafes

- 6 cities in Poland and in Czech Prague

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What the franchise package contains


We are young but at the same time a recognizable brand. We are distinguished by an effective strategy of communication and marketing. All this makes our clients appreciate us and still want to come back to us


From finding a place to run it to get your first customer! You can count on the help of the Cafe Opening Manager and Development and Service Manager of every franchise cafe

Book of standarts and instructions

To successfully launch and develop the cafe, we have created a price system. At the same time, we do not stand still - we are constantly monitoring the situation on the market and we improve all processes. Our team of partners can count on real learning and support

Control and help in realization

Your coffee shop's growth and development plans. Financial analysis and operational indicators.


In all business aspects (Finance / PR / Marketing / HR)


We make every effort to ensure that the start is seamless - for this purpose in an accessible waywe familiarize our partners with the basics of management, marketing and organization of work in a cafe.

- Marketing Training and training on the philosophy and history of companies

- Managing processes in a cafe and working with suppliers

- Training on the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station standards

- Financial and resource management

- Team management and communication

- Training in the automation system

- Preparation of coffee

- Sales training

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Stages of work at startup

Completion of the survey and assessment of geolocation
Familiarity with the fins invetitions and Payback model
Meeting - interview with network owners
Payment of the lump sum and signing of the contract
Payment of the lump sum and signing of the contract
Work planning

The cafe is not only coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

 For each premises, we develop a financial model for 2 years, taking into account the unique features of the location and costs. On this basis, we forecast potential returns and income. The average payback period is 1.5 years. Average monthly income - from PLN 5,000.

It includes the cost of the brand and its strategy, the cost of the team to help You open the cafe, the cost of training (management, marketing, automation training, management, sales, coffee training for You and the team). The down payment is also made based on the costs of including the new facility in the franchise network, region and coffee shop format.

The lump-sum amounts from $5,000.

Everything You need to open a cafe from scratch and to start work: deposit, design documentation, design, repair, equipment, the first purchase of goods and products to start.

You will pay 4% royalty every month and 2% on marketing and advertising from the turnover.

For 5 years with extension.

It all depends on the time of finding the premises, its condition, etc. Minimum 3 to 9 months.

After signing the contract, we provide instructions on finding the premises: where to look, what to look for, description of the technical characteristics and what to ask the owners. You search for yourself. When you find a place - we will go to it and evaluate it. If one of the owners contacts us regarding potentially interesting locations - we can also offer them to you.

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